“As a fourth year Advisor, I increased my assets under management by 50% in the first six months of working with ‘Da Coach.’ Jim’s coaching has made me more confident and focused on achieving my goals, allowing me to take my business to the next level. But much more importantly—his coaching helped put me in a position to allow my wife to resign from her full-time job a year earlier than we had planned so she could be a stay-at-home Mom. This has brought much joy and happiness in our lives. Knowing what I know now about the results, I would have borrowed the money to pay for Jim’s services if I had been unable to afford it… thank you Jim!”

Michael P.
Financial Advisor, Mesa AZ

“One month after switching firms I was feeling overwhelmed and was very concerned about bringing my ‘A’ clients over, so I hired Jim. It was nice to have him as a ‘safe harbor’ in the storm of chaos surrounding the move. I was able to vent my frustration during our calls while staying focused on the task at hand. And I could be totally candid with him as I couldn’t be with the branch manager who recruited me. The result: By working with Da Coach, I brought over 23 out of 25 ‘A’ clients and achieved my six-figure year-end bonus level of assets with six months to spare.”

Martin G.
Financial Advisor, Chicago, IL

“There are two aspects of Jim’s coaching process: First, mental preparedness, confidence and focus, and second, technical skills, such as professional sales training. The combination of two resulted in a 30% increase in my business over last year — a very worthwhile investment indeed!”

John M.
Financial Advisor, Needham, MA

“I began in 2001 with 70 other rookies at a major brokerage firm. By 2003 I concluded I needed a coach to survive so I contracted Jim. With his help my business went to a record level, and I realized I no longer needed to ‘partner up’ with a senior advisor — with the skills I learned from ‘Da Coach’ I now know I can do this business on my own. By the way, I’m one of only 5 left from my first year. I know a lot of former FA’s who could have used Jim’s help instead of going under.”

Jamie B.
Financial Advisor, Paramus, NJ