A Consultative Interview Process

Elements of a good Consultative Interview with a new prospect include:

•  A list of carefully scripted questions, done before a meeting.  Preparation is a key to success in moving a sale forward.

•  An agenda for the meeting.  Prospects are looking to you to let them know what to expect during your time together.

•  A thorough needs assessment.  Your scripted questions will allow you to identify prospect needs as you control the flow of information.

•  A discussion of fees.  In the spirit of transparency, you’ll want your prospects to understand up front how you get paid.

•  A clear understanding of a prospect’s decision making process.  Find out who besides the prospect (family members, other professionals, associates, etc.) is involved with the decision to hire you.

•  A next step – either signed paperwork or a subsequent appointment.  If another meeting is called for, get it on the calendar. Don’t accept “Why don’t you give me a call me next week?”

Do you have a clear Consultative Interview process to use with your prospects?

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