Can You Handle the Boredom of Success?

Can You Handle the Boredom of Success?

The “lifestyles of the rich and famous” is a media-created fantasy. It’s not the daily regimen of high achievers – far from it. If you read stories of those who have attained and then sustained success, note how hard they work. 

Their secret? They find a way to make their work a game, and they love playing it. Many of their day-to-day activities would seem trivial to most of us. Yet because they love their craft, top athletes, Hollywood stars and business titans are willing to habitually do everything it takes to succeed.

Are you willing to handle what I call “the boredom of success” – doing mundane things over and over again until you realize your goals? Here are some of the qualities that allow winners to do the things that might seem ho-hum to you:

Mission/purpose– Successful people are already champions in their own minds. Their sense of mission and purpose drives their every action. They see the end result so clearly each day that no task is too trivial to get there.

Confidence/faith – They believe they have or can develop the skills necessary to first get to the top, then stay there.

Routine as interesting – They make each daily effort, however small, as part of their “habit of success.” In your world that may mean getting up early to read your industry journals, networking with business associates at breakfast, posting on social media, responding to every call within 2 hours or volunteering for extra duty after hours. In my world, coaching my clients is endlessly interesting – I am challenged every day to come up with the right approach for each of them to fulfill their goals. This process sometimes takes months but each step holds my attention.

Commitment to “be there” – Comedian Woody Allen had a great quote: “80% of success is just showing up.”  Since I began coaching Financial Advisors in 1998 I have never taken a sick day. (What would I do – feel sorry for myself while watching the soaps and Jeopardy???  I’d rather talk to my clients …)

Persistence – Successful people keep on keepin’ on. They know that the game of success is a marathon, not a sprint. In the words of Calvin Coolidge, “Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.”

The day-to-day habits you’ll need to succeed are not particularly glamorous – they’re mostly work. If you can turn that work into play, you’ll overcome the boredom of success.

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