Pros Win, Amateurs Whine — Which One Are YOU?

“Complaining isn’t a strategy.” Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon

Do you consider yourself a professional?  There’s a lot of folks out there who aren’t quite sure — they do reasonably well when the economy is good, but when it slumps they cry, “Woe is me!” Professionals maintain a positive attitude even in the face of adversity that begins with their thought process.  Here’s the difference between what goes on in the mind of the pro versus an amateur:

Amateur: “Things are just so HARD in this market.”
Pro:  “If it were always EASY, any bozo could do my job.”

Amateur:  “The economy really sucks.”
Pro:  “I’ve noticed there are some interesting challenges in this environment that can lead to opportunities.”

Amateur: “Nobody’s buying.”
Pro:  “There are people out there who absolutely need what I have to offer, especially now.”

Amateur: “If only I had better prospects …”
Pro:  “It’s my responsibility to find great prospects and turn them into clients.”

Amateur: “Everybody’s saying my price is too high — I can’t close any deals.”
Pro:  “I’m glad I’m able to show people the value of investing in what I have to offer.”

Amateur: “I should probably pick up a book to learn something new, but who has time to read?”
Pro:  “As a professional I’m committed to improving my skills through reading, listening to personal development audio programs and going to seminars given by experts in my field.”

Amateur: “Why should I go the extra mile for them?  What’s in it for me?”
Pro:  “I’ll go the extra mile for them because of what’s in it for them.”

Amateur: “When my business gets better I’ll hire a coach.”
Pro:  “Like a great athlete, I’m always looking to get the edge on the competition, and my coach holds me accountable for keeping it.”

What kind of conversation are you having with yourself, especially in tough times?  Are you winning, or whining?  Hope it’s the conversation of a pro, which means you’ll win.

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