The Myth of the “Gift of Gab”

The essence of Financial Advisor activity needs to be about interacting with their clients, their prospects and their networking associates. When I say “interact,” it doesn’t mean that FA’s should be constantly running off at the mouth. A lot of people have been told, “Hey, you’ve got the gift of gab – you oughta go into sales.” Unskilled salespeople consider this gift as their greatest asset. What they often do is talk their way out moving a relationship forward as prospects’ eyes glaze over from their verbal harangue. Believing sales is a numbers game, rookies will talk the ear off of anyone who has a pulse without bothering to identify appropriate candidates for their offerings. This is contrary to the first rule of getting people to like you ala Dale Carnegie – in his classic book How to Win Friends and Influence People, he encourages you to “take a genuine interest” in other people. And how exactly do you do that? By asking questions of course!

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