Frequently Asked Questions

I work one-on-one to help you build your clientele, make more money and save more time. I collaborate with you to set clear goals, identify your key areas of improvement, design an action plan to overcome your obstacles, monitor results, give you straightforward feedback and provide accountability for your achievements. I do this in a supportive, non-judgmental manner.

Through this process I act as your “Master Mind Partner,” as described in Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich.

Some people who are referred to me say they want to improve, but we find out during the initial free consultation that they’re quite content with where they’re at. Whereas I’m looking for the relatively rare individuals who are SERIOUS about to going to the next level in their business with my help because I guarantee results in writing, and I’ve never been asked for a refund. These are people who understand that the only way they can get better is to study and apply new concepts, and want to be held accountable for implementing them. And they’re willing to invest the time, effort and expense to make it happen.

For anyone thinking about hiring me, ask yourself the following question: How many new clients do you need to add to have my coaching pay for itself? Get out your calculator and do the math. Also, consider that you’ll learn business building skills from me that you’ll keep using for the rest of your career—the next 10, 15, 20 years or more—what’s that worth to you? And if you’re thinking, “I’ll hire you when my business gets better”—you’ve got it backwards: Your business will get better when YOU get better.

I tell my clients that even though we’ll address their mind set, we’re not doing therapy, which is about cleaning up their past baggage. Coaching is about designing their future …and when they start achieving their goals, THAT will be therapeutic.

80% of the production at your firm is being done by 20% of your people. In an “ideal world” your company’s training programs and sales management would provide exactly what I do. However, my experience has been:

  • Training programs are usually day-long to week-long events with little or no follow-up for integration of new ideas. Real learning is a process that occurs with practice over the course of time. For example, seven times five equals thirty-five—I’ll bet you didn’t learn that in a day-long seminar.
  • Nothing personal here, but most branch managers are quite busy being administrators and recruiters. And due to the nature of the employer-employee relationship, producers can’t always be completely candid with their superiors. In this regard, a good coach is a client’s advocate, maintaining all matters in confidence and always looking out for the client’s best interest, regardless of any political considerations.

Just like finding a great new restaurant or movie (or great financial advisor…), word-of-mouth personal referral is highly recommended. Talk to someone who has experienced significant positive outcomes as a result of engaging a coach. Ask for an initial free consultation—any coaches worth their salt will welcome the opportunity. Negotiate terms and “conditions of satisfaction”—I require an initial six-month commitment and have each client sign a “compliance agreement” so there’s a clear understanding of mutual expectations for working together. Credentials? There are a number of good quality coaching programs offering credentials. I would still want to know from a coach with credentials, “Who have you worked with, and what have their results been?” One final recommendation – CHECK REFERENCES.

The answer is, I CAN’T. Self-motivation is the ONLY true motivation, and it comes from within. My skill is assisting my clients in discovering their own motivation, then applying it to get the results they desire.

I typically schedule weekly 30-minute phone coaching sessions with clients, covering two areas:

  • “Attitudinal Fitness”
    The majority of my clients claim they are somewhat unfocused. Most have listened to motivational tapes, attended personal development seminars and read self-help books, yet still haven’t effectively applied these success principles in their careers. A big part of my coaching job is to assign real world exercises to give them the actual experience of the “attitudinal fitness” necessary for success. As an example, millions of people have read Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, in which he emphasizes the importance of a Personal Mission Statement. Yet how many people actually have one? So the very first thing I do with new clients is put them through my “patented” process for creating a Personal Mission Statement for their career, and, “PRESTO!” – FOCUS. I then assign them to memorize this statement, word for word, for our next meeting to begin the process of programming their mind for success. Likewise, I help clients learn how to properly visualize successful outcomes the way great athletes do—it works in sports, and it works the same in business.
  • Business planning, marketing ideas and sales technique.
    I help my clients clarify their goals, assess how they are approaching their market and assign appropriate “homework” accordingly. These assignments can include reading books and listening to audio tapes along with specific new tactics to try out during each work day. As an example, prospecting is a common challenge for many beginners, so I’m usually teaching them effective ways to network, developing catchy introduction scripts and helping them implement simple time management skills. At the same time, I encourage them by sharing that all successful sales pros once faced the same prospecting challenge, and have succeeded because they persisted.

Yes—and I put this guarantee in writing to my clients before we begin, which eliminates their risk of using me as a coach. The guarantee is based upon the clients’ understanding that if they do all the assignments we agree upon during the course of our six months together that I will refund their entire investment if my coaching did not help them get the results they wanted. And I’m proud to say that not one person has ever asked for their money back. I offer this guarantee, because I’m confident that if a client does the work, he/she will get the intended results, and often more. While I can’t guarantee specific monetary results, my clients are highly satisfied with what we accomplish together, including increasing their bottom line. Which allows me to benefit from our coaching relationship too—many of them continue to work with me beyond their initial six-month commitment, provide me with great testimonials and send along high quality referrals.

Yes. As part of our agreement, all of my clients are required to give me referrals based upon their success from working with me. And thus I am modeling for them how to get referrals for themselves, which is an important skill for all producers to acquire. Let’s face it—who wants to do cold calls?

The fact that my clients and I formally have only 30 minutes together each week forces them to be focused, organized and well-prepared—habits I definitely want them to cultivate. I also require a weekly report emailed to me prior to our session that describes what went well, what needs improvement and an overall one-to-ten rating for the week—anything less than a seven raises a red flag. And the telephone provides a certain anonymity that allows clients to feel safe enough to share what’s really going on in their lives, which is what I need if I’m going to truly help them overcome their “self-limiting beliefs” and become high achievers. I also let them have unlimited contact via phone or email with me during the week if they are struggling with something, which comes in handy at critical times.

Guilty as charged — my main niche is Financial Advisors, and I’ve never been one. But I know a little something about the practical application of success principles as well as marketing and selling techniques for personal services. These are the critical success skills I help my clients acquire so they can go to the next level in their business.

Sure — you can pay more if you’d like! All kidding aside, I’m like insurance: If you want to insure that you’re going to commit to giving your best effort, and be held accountable for it, then I’m confident that hiring me will be among the best investments you’ll ever make in your business. If you hesitate, ask yourself if you’re really serious about getting to the next level. By analogy, if you wanted to be a great golfer, how much would you be willing to invest in a coach, and how hard would you practice?

The kick for me is when my clients succeed, based upon the goals they’ve chosen – that’s the real “high five” experience I’m happy to report this often happens much more quickly than they could ever accomplish on their own. I also want the coaching process to be a highly personalized experience rather than a canned system of “do’s and don’ts.” And I value the close personal relationship we develop as they hold themselves accountable for doing what they say they’ll do to build what I call “The Habit of Success.”

That’s a fair question. The Chicago Bulls have had an on-staff fitness trainer available to all players during each NBA season, yet Michael Jordan chose to pay a personal fitness trainer to work out with him daily at his home—can anyone argue with his results? Likewise, successful people everywhere know that success is an ongoing process, and that they must continually improve or they will backslide—they can’t stay even very long.

If you’re SERIOUS about going to the next level, here are FOUR REASONS:

  1. First and foremost, My Guarantee. No one who’s ever gone through the full six months of coaching with me has ever asked for their money back, and I simply wouldn’t allow you to be the first.
  2. My Experience. There are lots of newcomers to the coaching game, yet many did theirs while working for others. I’ve been a full-time self-employed coach since November of 1992, when virtually NOBODY was calling themselves a coach.
  3. My Education. In the past 5 years alone I’ve read over 200 books on business, marketing, sales, networking, leadership, winning companies and biographies of successful individuals. I’ve also listened to over 100 audio programs during that time. So I have a wealth of ideas to share that we’ll apply to your situation which will help you get better faster.
  4. My Confidence. Forgive me for saying this, but right now you don’t know what you don’t know. In golf, the analogy is you can’t see yourself swing your own club. I’m confident I can quickly help you identify the areas of improvement that are holding you back.

You’re already doing well and want to do better,
You want this next year to be your personal best,
You’re tired of watching less talented people out-perform you,
You’ve taken all of your company’s training but haven’t seen bottom line results, or
Your manager is too busy putting out fires to help you,

YES, You Need a Coach!
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