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“As a fourth year Advisor, I increased my assets under management by 50% in the first six months of working with ‘Da Coach.’ Jim’s coaching has made me more confident and focused on achieving my goals, allowing me to take my business to the next level. But much more importantly—his coaching helped put me in a position to allow my… Read more “Michael P.”

Michael P.
Financial Advisor, Mesa AZ

“One month after switching firms I was feeling overwhelmed and was very concerned about bringing my ‘A’ clients over, so I hired Jim. It was nice to have him as a ‘safe harbor’ in the storm of chaos surrounding the move. I was able to vent my frustration during our calls while staying focused on the task at hand. And… Read more “Martin G.”

Martin G.
Financial Advisor, Chicago, IL

“There are two aspects of Jim’s coaching process: First, mental preparedness, confidence and focus, and second, technical skills, such as professional sales training. The combination of two resulted in a 30% increase in my business over last year — a very worthwhile investment… Read more “John M.”

John M.
Financial Advisor, Needham, MA

“I began in 2001 with 70 other rookies at a major brokerage firm. By 2003 I concluded I needed a coach to survive so I contracted Jim. With his help my business went to a record level, and I realized I no longer needed to ‘partner up’ with a senior advisor — with the skills I learned from ‘Da Coach’… Read more “Jamie B.”

Jamie B.
Financial Advisor, Paramus, NJ

“Since I started with you, you’ve helped me change my mindset and motivated me to think bigger, which has resulted in increased success in my practice. I am reading more books and listening to more audio programs. I really like our one-on-one sessions and the fact that I can email you with my questions and successes at any… Read more “Chris M.”

Chris M.
Financial Advisor, Minneapolis, MN

“I’m a veteran advisor with over 20 years’ experience. The bottom line of working with Jim: I finished the year with a 53% increase in production, and have the #1 growth rate in my… Read more “Richard M.”

Richard M.
Financial Advisor, Westfield, NJ

“Thanks to your coaching my personal income went up $50,000 this year, my GDC has increased $150,000, and that’s just the start. I learned a lot about myself and a lot about people. You have really shown me how to keep a positive attitude and taught me how to win. Thank you Jim — it was the best money I… Read more “John G.”

John G.
Financial Advisor Grand, Rapids, MI

“I have the great fortune of having Jim as my business coach. In the short time that we have worked together he has helped me take great strides in taking my business to the next level. We have worked on setting long and short term goals. He has helped me put an action plan together to hit those goals and… Read more “Marc B.”

Marc B.
Independent Financial Advisor, Rutherford, NJ

“With your help I had a fantastic year! I doubled the assets I brought in from the prior year and increased my average fee on all assets I manage. I’ve taken more time to enjoy my family. And I go confidently into this year with goals I will attain through the techniques I learned from… Read more “Rob W.”

Rob W.
Senior Investment Consultant, Colorado Springs, CO

“Jim is an outstanding coach. His life and business skills coaching are life changing. Because of Jim’s mentoring I now have a set of ‘tools’ to ensure my life long success in any endeavor. Investing in Jim’s coaching program was my best business decision of the… Read more “Charlie F.”

Charlie F.
Financial Advisor, Deerfield Beach, FL

“In our two years together, Jimmy helped me focus on the fundamentals … and I raised my gross commissions a whopping 72%! The bottom line? As my coach, he always gets me to ‘play like a… Read more “Sal F.”

Sal F.
Financial Advisor, Pearl River, NY

“I’m a CPA by training, so I’m pretty good with math. By working with Jim Rohrbach this past year, I realized a 1000% return on my investment… that’s ONE THOUSAND PERCENT, folks. This guy KNOWS how to coach for… Read more “Jim M.”

Jim M.
Registered Investment Advisor, Chicago, IL

“The coaching sessions I had with Coach Jim was one of the smartest things I did since I started in the business! Jim customized his expertise to fit my needs, so it’s not a “cookie cutter” approach nor a “rah-rah” motivational session. He helped me take advantage of my strengths, minimize my weaknesses and change my mind set to focus… Read more “Didi N.”

Didi N.
Financial Advisor, Pearl River, NY

“My goal this year in working with Jim Rohrbach was to double my commissions, and I already make a six figure income. I’m proud to say this goal has been achieved, and it’s only… Read more “Lee S.”

Lee S.
Insurance and Estate Planner, New York, NY