8. So, how do you work as a coach?

I typically schedule weekly 30-minute phone coaching sessions with clients, covering two areas:

  • “Attitudinal Fitness”
    The majority of my clients claim they are somewhat unfocused. Most have listened to motivational tapes, attended personal development seminars and read self-help books, yet still haven’t effectively applied these success principles in their careers. A big part of my coaching job is to assign real world exercises to give them the actual experience of the “attitudinal fitness” necessary for success. As an example, millions of people have read Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, in which he emphasizes the importance of a Personal Mission Statement. Yet how many people actually have one? So the very first thing I do with new clients is put them through my “patented” process for creating a Personal Mission Statement for their career, and, “PRESTO!” – FOCUS. I then assign them to memorize this statement, word for word, for our next meeting to begin the process of programming their mind for success. Likewise, I help clients learn how to properly visualize successful outcomes the way great athletes do—it works in sports, and it works the same in business.
  • Business planning, marketing ideas and sales technique.
    I help my clients clarify their goals, assess how they are approaching their market and assign appropriate “homework” accordingly. These assignments can include reading books and listening to audio tapes along with specific new tactics to try out during each work day. As an example, prospecting is a common challenge for many beginners, so I’m usually teaching them effective ways to network, developing catchy introduction scripts and helping them implement simple time management skills. At the same time, I encourage them by sharing that all successful sales pros once faced the same prospecting challenge, and have succeeded because they persisted.

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