The Cost of Turning Pro in Sales

How many people actually consider sales as a profession? For comparison sake, let’s turn to other professions for a moment: What does it cost to become a doctor or an attorney? Besides the enormous tuition they pay, how much do these aspiring M.D.’s and lawyers read, study, get tested, get trained, do internships, etc.?

By contrast, the cost to become a Financial Advisor is virtually nothing. There isn’t an entrance exam, no degree requirement beyond a BA, no huge tuition fee. And while there are licensing exams, mandatory continuing education credits and advanced designations, professional sales training is not required, despite it being a sales profession. No wonder 90% of FA’s bomb out within the first 5 years. So a major cause of failure in this business is not investing in proper sales training, leading to the inability to market and sell your services.

And that’s what I help my clients with — turning pro in sales.

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