Need a Miracle in Your Business? You’ll Find It in the Morning

Need a Miracle in Your Business? You’ll Find It in the Morning

For anyone looking to jump start their day, I recommend this book: The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life Before 8AM by Hal Elrod. It reinforces the importance of having a Morning Success Ritual.

I can just about hear you now: “BUT I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON!!!” Neither was I, nor was Hal Elrod. We each came to our own conclusion that there was only one time of day that would allow us to do the critical personal development work that would lead to success in our lives. And that was early morning.

I’ve done my Morning Success Ritual daily for 20+ years and help all of my Financial Advisor clients develop their own. To help you kick start yours, here are Elrod’s steps from his “SAVERS” acronym:

• SILENCE Begin each morning by getting into a meditative state. Meditation is practicing “being” rather than doing.

• AFFIRMATIONS I’ve been using daily affirmations for empowerment ever since I read about the power of “Autosuggestion” in Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich.”  One of mine: “I make a Positive Difference in Peoples’ Lives!”

• VISUALIZATION This is using your creative imagination in a relaxed state to picture your goals as already achieved. Professional athletes do this to prepare for their victories – you can use it for your business goals as well.

• EXERCISE The benefits of exercise are well documented. I work out 6 – 7 days a week. I’m clearly addicted to the exercise endorphin buzz.

• READING You may have heard the quote “leaders are readers.”  There is a strong correlation between learning and earning. My learning goal is to read 40+ biz books a year, so I read daily.

• SCRIBING This term refers to journaling, which is the practice of keeping a diary or journal by writing down your thoughts and feelings about the events in your life. A number of notable historical figures kept journals, including Thomas Jefferson, Charles Darwin, Mark Twain and Isaac Newton.

BOTTOM LINE If you have a sports team you follow, would you want them to play a game without warming up before competing? By analogy, your morning success ritual is your batting practice before you cross the white lines of your business each day.

You don’t have do your SAVERS routine exactly like Hal Elrod’s – create your own as you see fit. When you do, you’ll be busy working on yourself before anybody else is even out of the sack, then be primed for action throughout the rest of the day. And by making it a habit, you’ll become the early bird that catches the success worm.
Rise and shine!

Question: Do you have a Morning Success Ritual?

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