Visualize Your Success

Early each morning for the past 20+ years I sit down on my sofa for a 5 – 10 minute meditation/visualization session. With eyes closed, I take a few deep breaths to clear my mind of extraneous thoughts. After a minute or two I begin to picture the outcomes of the goals I’ve set for myself as vividly as possible in my mind’s eye. For example, I will picture a certain number of client folders in my file drawer or see a computer screen with my year-end financial goal on it.

I have not found the need (nor do I have the patience!) to go longer than this. The key is that I never miss a day, even when I’ve been out late the night before.  This is my “mental warm up” time. Just like I wouldn’t want to play a sport without warming up, I use this time to picture myself getting the results I want before I play the game of life every day.

Question: Do you visualize achieving your goals?

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